Capital Infosystems for Legacy Application Modernization

End-to-end modernization services of legacy IT systems

Aging applications can seriously hamper the agility, flexibility and productivity of your organization’s functioning. If you are still struggling with applications that have lost their relevance in today’s times, then it is time to upgrade these legacy systems and help them become sustainable in the present and future. Capital Infosystems offers upgradation and modernization of legacy IT systems by adding more value to these systems. Our services include application assessment for modernization, application migration, application re-platforming, data migration, application remediation, etc. The ultimate goal is to minimize risks, improve operational efficiency, drive better revenues, limit disruptions and help applications become high performing.

Why Capital Infosystems is the Right Choice

We have rich experience of working across various industry domains which helps us understand the intricacies of the workflows and operations of different industries. Leveraging our profound understanding of different domains, we assist companies to enhance their existing IT systems as per the latest industry trends. Here are our some of the services that we offer, to help companies make the most out of their legacy applications:

  • Evaluation of existing legacy applications - Assess existing legacy systems in order to devise the best way to renew these applications.
  • Business Rules Extraction - Extract business rules and logic from the legacy applications for detailed analysis.
  • Application Remediation - Add more functional value to legacy applications in the form of new and innovative features.
  • Application Re-platform - Port legacy applications to more optimized and cost efficient technology platforms.
  • Application Migration - Migrate legacy applications with minimal disruptions to workflows and reduced risks.

Areas of Expertise

Capital Infosystems Advantage

Benefits of legacy application modernization with Capital Infosystems

From application assessment and strategy planning to post-deployment support, Capital Infosystems offers wide range of services to make the transition to modernized systems as seamless as possible for companies. Following are key benefits offered by Capital Infosystems for modernization of legacy IT systems:

  • Lowered costs of mainframe platform.
  • Preservation of legacy application business rules.
  • Option to select from extensive pool of cutting-edge technology platforms and resources.
  • Remodel existing applications using latest technologies.
  • Enhance the functional value of existing IT assets.
  • Drive higher performance for legacy applications.
  • Achieve competitive advantage with reduced time-to-market for products and services.
  • Explore new markets and improve customer engagement.

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